26.12.2019 – Wisconsin – United States

Ordered 3 bottles Test E, 2 boxes clomid, 2 boxes nolva, one box armidex and one 10ml vial NPP. I had just missed a promotion by a day that offered a free bottle of dragon test prop if you spent over 200$. I emailed support and Max was great, he actually got me a free bottle to try regardless of me being late! I think because of this extra bottles, the packers forgot to include the NPP and instead included a box of Proviron. I contacted the support team, they simply asked to send a picture of the shipment, and a few weeks later, the bottle comes in the mail. I very much appreciated it as the shipping alone isnt cheap. They definitely treat their customers well between the added free bottle for the promo I missed, the shipment of the item they forgot, their constant and fast communication via email, and the fact that they simply let me keep the proviron. The products were all great, their Maha Test is A+, everything else is fine as well.

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