27.08.2019 – Oshkosh – United States

Ordered two bottles of Test Enanthate, and a full PCT. One box of Arimidex, one box Clomid, one box Nolvadex. All products were manufactured by Maha Pharms. The quality of the products seemed excellent, the Testosterone specifically seemed very potent compared to others that I’ve experienced. Shipping went well, I believe I ordered from Warehouse 5. It took a couple weeks for the products to ship once assembled and once shipped they arrived in less than a week. I contacted customer service to ask about tracking and they responded PROMPTLY with an alternative way to track, that worked excellently. Overall Super-Steroid customer support gets a solid A from me. Overall, I would rate my experience with super-steroid very highly. Its always difficult to gauge companies at first, but I took a chance and recommend anyone else do the same. The products were high quality, customer support was excellent, and shipment came through first try. Thanks Super-Steroid!

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