About super-steroid.org

We know there are many sources to buy your steroids, HGH and peptides. So why not take a moment to learn a little more about super-steroid.org and discover what sets us apart from all other companies in our industry?


1 –You are at the heart of our attention.

Excelling, surpassing, personal bests and breaking records are the goals of every athlete … and it is also our goal!

For us, every person is important, regardless of their objective, their order history or the amount of their cart. Because our greatest strength, since our creation, is you!

In our area you are our greatest assets, and we know it. That is why we have made every effort to satisfy you: our website’s technology, rate, choice, quality of product, flawless delivery and an excellent customer service! We have everything.

2 – A next generation site: a new way to buy online!



Our online sales SSL platform with the latest technology, 100% responsive, was conceived and developed with the sole purpose to simplify the purchase and information access of your orders.

Moving from filling your address to automatically follow your packages and your statistics directly in your account … you’ll be amazed!


3 – The cheapest prices…

super-steroid.org™ is unique in the industry of selling anabolic products. We only sell directly to consumers (to you!). By selling directly, we avoid having to go through the distributors circuit and wholesalers who would apply an additional increase on our products to meet their own profit margins. Consumers have never been able before to have access to high quality anabolic products at such low prices. 

The combination of our direct sales model and the use of our huge buying power in order to negotiate the best prices on all brands allow us to be able to ensure that the majority of our products will be offer to you at the lowest price in Europe!  These are more than just words… you can compare them yourself!


4 – No risks on quality …

laboratory-tests-overviewWhen it comes to the quality of our products, we never take risks. There is not and there will never be any risk on quality for a matter of cost! Just like you, we know that you do not compromise when it comes to knowing what you accept or not to ingest or inject! In this way, we not only get the best price, but we can also and especially fully guarantee the quality of every product we sell.

We independently test the active ingredients of our products regularly, regardless of the laboratories reputation or history. You will find all analysis certificates downloadable on our dedicated page. These certificates offer you a peace of mind about the quality of each product, as well as detailed information on product specifications.

We have also made available a centralized and exclusive system that allows you to check the authenticity of your products directly on the site laboratories, thanks to unique identification codes on each product.

We never compromise the quality and we are proud that this is reflected in all aspects of our business.


5-  One important thing…

Having the lowest prices and the highest quality is already excellent, but it is not enough for you if can’t get the product you want!  Our wide selection of products has been designed to cover every aspect of your goals’ needs.

Rest assured though, our experienced team is at your service on our online chat and email if you want to ask any questions about the achievement of your treatment. If you find that something is missing in our range, contact us, have your say!


6 – Assured and proven delivery changes everything!

super-steroide-awesome-products-delivery-overviewFar from being about flamboyant strategies, and talking a lot of hot air about how great we are, at super-steroid.org ™ when it comes to delivery we like to be concrete. In our industry, receiving your package is too often a taboo subject, we decided to be completely transparent and truly illustrate to you the successful and reliable package reception by our customers.


Who better than our customers to show our quality of delivery?

We have dedicated a special page where customers can easily post themselves their package picture upon arrival. This is the best visual proof that you can find anywhere on the internet.

 See the received packages photos


Yes, we understand, you are the center of our concerns and our attention … You are our best customer, we know it and we do all we can to satisfy you as well as giving you 100% transparency and proof throughout the ordering and shipping process. 


With super-steroid.org, become who you are! Really!


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