Are women attracted to bodybuilders?

Are women attracted to bodybuilders?

The law of attraction is definitely a touchy subject. What could be attractive to a person, could be repulsive to another. So what’s the verdict on bodybuilders?


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According to surveys and polls, there is a large percentage of women who find bodybuilders attractive. On the other side, there is also almost the same percentage of women who are not crazy about them. There is not, therefore, an easy answer to this question … but look at the reasons why women do not seem to have the same opinion on bodybuilders attractiveness.



Why so many women are attracted to bodybuilders?


Physical attraction

According to many researches and studies, one could say without fear of error that over 70% of women believe in physical attraction. So, this means that many women agree on the fact that they must be physically attracted to a man before committing to a serious relationship. So intense training for hours in the weight room will pay off for bodybuilders. This way of thinking has spread through the influence of the fashion industry.

Today, almost 90% of people are concerned about their weight and physical appearance.

So one could say without fear of being wrong that people are more inclined to a physically fit person with an attractive body.

Women want to be with partners who have good looks. Thus, a broad chest, muscled arms, chocolate bar belly and strong shoulders are the things sought by most women. So, they do prefer to be with a bodybuilder.


Feeling safe

According to many women’s magazines, even if a woman is financially and emotionally independent, she wants to feel safe and wants her partner to protect her. This feeling of being safe and being protected plays an essential role in a relationship. As based on this, a woman decides if she agrees to advantage in the relationship or not. So, this is why most women are attracted to bodybuilders.

The physique of a bodybuilder guarantees a woman that he will be able to take care of her and protect her from any kind of danger.



Positive traits

Every woman is looking for a man who can commit. In fact, most women in their early thirties are looking for suitable partners who are determined, disciplined and that can make commitments. Strength training is not easy at all.

There are regular training sometimes lasting more than four hours, then there is a commitment to a healthy diet and, of course, will not cheat a meal or skip a workout. Therefore, many women see in a bodybuilder a man with a strong will, determination, dedication and discipline, which are the desired traits of a life partner.


Improved sexual performance

Thanks to training, a person can get a good physique and enjoy the increased stamina, so it is said that a good training can improve sexual performance. According to studies, after intense training, an athlete will have a high testosterone level which remains longer.

Intense training is also known to improve blood flow in the sex glands of bodybuilders. So most women are also physically attracted by bodybuilders for this reason.


Some reasons why women find bodybuilders unattractive


Prominent veins

Unfortunately, there are some unattractive changes that take place when a person becomes a bodybuilder. One of these changes is that most men have visible veins that seem to swell. This can be described as a state and is called vascularity in the medical world. It is true that it is not fatal, but the bulging veins make a bodybuilder unattractive as his skin looks thin. These veins are visible on the neck, limbs and sometimes on the forehead of a bodybuilder. The prominent veins wrinkle the bodybuilder ’s skin and most women find it unattractive.


Risk of heart damage

Yes, it’s true that most bodybuilders are healthy but excessive training can lead to damage the heart. Intense training defies normal blood circulation; many scientists believe that it causes reduction of good cholesterol and increases bad cholesterol, which eventually leads to heart damage. Many women know this, which is why they do their best to avoid a situation where their partners have a possibility of having a serious illness.


Too much adaptation

In general, a bodybuilder lives in a gym. The alarm clock is set at an appropriate time to go to the gym, preparing for training or perhaps attempting to beat a personal record, then there is the healthy lifestyle and diet. A woman who is not interested in gymnastics, healthy eating and active morning will not be happy and satisfied in a relationship with a bodybuilder since she must adapt to his life, and to the workout routine of her bodybuilder partner . For this reason, most college students and women-oriented career that do not have time to maintain a healthy lifestyle, do not want a bodybuilder as a partner.


Steroids use

The majority of women think that almost all bodybuilders take steroids to get the desired body. Since the disadvantages of using steroids were widely circulated in newspapers and magazines, many women find bodybuilders unattractive. They know that taking steroids causes the bodybuilder to have mood disorders, aggressive behavior, bad breath, acne, decreased libido, risk of cancer and many other unattractive features. Therefore, some women avoid a relationship with a bodybuilder.



So we can see now that there are many reasons why a woman should or should not be with a bodybuilder. The truth about the law of attraction is that physical attraction is of importance but sometimes the body will not be the same.

So it is very important to have a great personality and to be understanding. A woman looks for a nice guy who will love her and protect her, and at the same time, to present the dedication and patience. So, in addition to a perfect body, it is very important to have a personality that can light up the life of a woman.

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