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Having a perfect body is not the only result of hours of sweating and lifting heavy weights in the gym or weeks of deprivation and sacrifice. The diuretic type products will bring the final touch, that is, a better muscle definition. The body will appear more prominent and defined.

How diuretics work:

These products will stimulate the kidneys, thus allowing an increase in urine production and consequently an increase in the volume of water evacuated by the body.

Advantages and benefits of diuretics :

  • Rapid weight loss due to elimination of fluids :
    Very sought after by bodybuilders before a competition, but also by athletes whose sport is regulated by weight categories (combat sport, weightlifting)
  • Masking effects.
    The use of diuretics may mask the use of certain products such as steroids and other stimulants. The increase in urine volume may make it difficult to detect certain products (reduced concentration and rapid evacuation).
  • Enhancement of performance
    The elimination of water present under the skin, allows to have at the same time dry and strong muscles.

To get the most out of diuretics, it is recommended to take them with a fat burner.
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