What are anabolic steroids?

Doctors and scientists have begun to explore new derivatives of testosterone that promote muscle growth with fewer side effects. Bodybuilders from 1970 have used anabolic steroids for significant muscle size and a low percentage of body fat, such as the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger with five titles of Mister Olympia.  Anabolic steroids were perfectly legal in 1970 and were obtained as easily as any current prescription drug.The preferred bodybuilders stack in the 70s was a combination of testosterone / Deca-Durabolin et Dianabol.

Why to take steroids?

The benefits of anabolic steroids are very wide:

  • Exceed your natural unattainable maximum without taking anabolics.
  • Push back your sport limits
  • Treat a chronic injury
  • Achieve weight loss or slimming that you do not get to do
  • Increase your performance or physical condition
  • And more.

Whatever your goal is, you will find with us the product you need.

What are the best anabolic steroids brands?

Virtually all brands available in our shop are some of the best brands available in the market. We surround ourselves only of reliable laboratories that are recognised for the quality of their products. In addition we perform monthly laboratory tests on our products catalog in order to guarantee the quality of our products, whatever the reputation of the mark is.

What to choose, an oral or an injectable treatment?

It first appears that the oral administration is preferred by beginners, probably for fear of the needle. The remaining image of the injection can be too much for some users.

However, absorption in capsule form is often less effective and proves in most cases harmful to your liver due to the toxicity of the product ingested. That is why there are protections associated with the oral steroids intake.

There are two types of injections: subcutaneous injections and intramuscular injections.

if there are two types of use, is that there are indeed two user profiles. So everyone will find his account.

How do I know what I have to take and the quantities?

We strongly invite you to contact us  before your purchase anabolic steroids to study with a real specialist the most suitable treatment and dosage for you.

Is it legal?

As we ship worldwide, we can not have knowledge of the laws and regulations in strengths for each country. So we advise you to study the legislation currently in place in your country. However, in order to respect the discretion to which you are entitled, we ship packages in a very discreet neutral cardboard packaging, which does not reveal in any way the content of the shipment. On the packaging, you will only find the address that you have provided us. No picture or indication that might reveal the contents of the package will be present.

How to be sure that your products are “real”

All products we sell are genuine, coming from recognized laboratories and bearing directly verifiable authentication information from our website or even on the websites of different manufacturers. We also perform monthly random testing with an independent laboratory on our products catalog in order to guarantee product quality, whatever the reputation of the mark is.

What is the recovery?

Also called PCT (Post Cycle Therapy), the recovery is as important as your treatment itself. Already an attempt to keep the maximum gains acquired during your treatment but also for hormonal back to “normal” or to avoid problems such as infertility, gynecomastia and other hormone disorders. More information about the recovery in this article on the PCT.

What are the anti-estrogens?

Antiestrogens are indispensable protectors to perform a treatment with confidence. A conscientious athlete either beginner or professional has a responsibility directly with his body and health. Taking steroids can involve certain risks to health: gynecomastia, infertility, stress in the liver … The anti-estrogens help guard against these harmful side effects.


What is the difference between 1 cc, 1 ml, 1 UI, 1 mg and 1 mcg ?

  • 1 cc (cubic centimeter) is equal to 1 ml (milliliter), it measures the volume. For example if a bottle contains 10 ml of liquid, this corresponds to 10cc.
  • 1 mg (milligram) is equal to one thousandth of a gram, it measures the dose of a drug.
  • 1 mcg (microgram) is equal to 1/1000 of a milligram.
  • 1 International Unit (IU) is also used to measure the dose of a preparation for the hormones for example.

What are peptides?

Peptides are the new generation of product. Simply put, these are sequences of amino acid hormones.

They allow to better target the objectives and allow you to enjoy the benefits of HGH that you desire and only those you want.

The results are exceptional, and with a triple benefit:

  • Price: this sequence of hgh is not complete, the price is lower.
  • No negative effects (so no need of protection and recovery)
  • Optimal effect, according to your needs.

What is the growth hormone?

The growth hormone, whose real name is Somatotropin, is a polypeptide hormone secreted by the somatotropic cells of the anterior pituitary.

It stimulates growth and cell reproduction in humans. It is composed of 191 amino acids.

The Human growth hormone (HGH – Human Growth Hormone) has “anabolic” effects. It acts primarily by binding to a specific receptor.

For more information read our full and detailed articles about the Growth Hormone on our blog.

Should I be registered to make an order on super-steroid.org?

You can put products into your cart and see the total cost of your order, but you must register to submit.

How to register on your site?

It’s simple, with only an email address.

How to order ?

You add the desired products to your cart, the payment method you want to use, you add your coupon code if you have one and you submit.

You then proceed to the payment of the order with the selected payment method and you fill out the form to inform us of the payment.

Is there a minimum order?

No, there is no minimum order on our website.

Where do you deliver your products?

We ship our products from Asia and Europe, and soon from other parts of the world.

We have chosen to move closer to major  steroids, HGH and peptides manufacturers in order to have quality products.

What are the payment methods?


Moyens de paiementBitcoin / AltcoinsZelle (USA)Virement bancairePaybis.comRIAMGWesternUnionxoom
Payment gateway fees00Varies according to your bank10%
(but we only charge you 5% of Paybis fees)
$4 - $30
(varies according to the country and the amount of the order)
≥ 2%
(varies according to the country and the amount of the order)
≥ 2%
(varies according to the country and the amount of the order)
Our service charge-10%00+5%0000
Minimum amountNo minimumNo minimumNo minimum$70$50$50$100$50
Receipt of your paymentVery fast24-48h2-6 days24-48h24-48h24-48h24-48h24-48h
You can pay by Credit CardOnly for U.S. citizens
You can pay by bank wire transferOnly for U.S. citizens
You can pay from an agency

Only for U.S. citizens

Not available for U.S. banks and/or U.S. citizens.





Find an agencyYour online banking

Do you deliver to all countries?

Yes we ship to all countries worldwide except for Brazil and Australia.

Is there any risk of seizure?

Yes ; the risk is minimal but it exists. Global statistics rotate between 5% and 10%, depending on your country. But with our insurance, you do not have to worry! ( See Terms of Sale)

Is my order guaranteed?

Super-steroid is the only site to offer an independent insurance option for 10% of the order amount. This insurance allows you to be protected against breakage, loss and seizures. 80% of our customers take this option, be like them, order with confidence!

Why is my order late?

During certain times of the year such as the year-end holidays, we have huge order flows. Furthermore, the transport services are overloaded.

On the other hand, other periods we undergo customs controls pressure that does not allow us to send our products for a few days under penalty of not being able to guarantee delivery.

Do I have a tracking number for my order?

Of course, all our shipments are accompanied by a tracking number that will enable you to track the delivery of your package.

Can’t find an answer above?

Contact our awesome Customer Service:

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