Trembolone Mix – 150mg/ml – Hilma Biocare – 10ml

Trenbolone Mix Hilma Biocare is an extremely powerful anabolic steroid used to build up a lot of muscle. This product based on Trenbolone is a mixture of 3 esters with more or less rapid actions.
  • Strength: 3/5
  • Mass Gain: 3/5
  • Fat/Water Loss: 2/5
  • Side Effects: 5/5
  • Gain Conservation: 4/5
Hilma Biocare


Buy Trenbolone Mix Hilma Biocare

Trenbolone Mix Hilma Biocare provides the same dramatic results as trenbolone – it’s an incredibly powerful anabolic agent that will meet your needs, whether you’re on a volume-lifting, dry-mass or dry-phase.

If you take Trenbolone Mix Hilma Biocare and dose it safely and effectively, you do not necessarily need to know for what specific purpose it will be used. It is really an “ambidextrous” substance as long as it is used appropriately.

Assuming you do not know trenbolone as a base compound, check out this amazing list of benefits that using Tren can provide:

  • Improved muscle growth. Increased nutrient absorption (and therefore growth capacity)
  • Increase in the number of red blood cells (thus making it effective for improving cardiovascular performance)
  • Improved Testosterone Production
  • Minimal risk of estrogenic side effects compared to other anabolic substances
  • A quick look at the above benefits should make it surprisingly obvious that Trenbolone is indeed one of the best anabolic steroids available for the bodybuilding community.

Side effects

The side effects of Tri-tren can be many and vary in potency depending on your genetic make-up – there is never any guarantee in taking anabolic steroids that you will never encounter any of these effects, so stay alert.

Some of the side effects associated with trenbolone use are:

  • Insomnia
  • Potential cardiac problems
  • Suppression of natural testosterone production
  • Increased risk of baldness in men


The dosage of Tri-Trenbolone will be much lower than you think, because of the very powerful nature of the compound. While you are going to inject up to 1000 mg per week with other products during your cycle, you should stick to a maximum of 400 mg if you are using tri-trenbolone and you want to avoid side effects. A typical cycle will last up to 12 weeks on average.


Trenbolone Mix Hilma Biocare massively increases your testosterone level, as such, it is important that you take a stimulus product once your cycle is over.

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